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The Adventures of the HHC, 101st CSG

Page 11



SSG Leonardo Miller and friends in  Iskandariyah, Iraq.  And I do apologize to him for not posting

his picture sooner.   As soon as I know who the other gentleman are in the picture I will post their names. 

  SSG Leonardo Miller and Flat Stanley and Woodard. 

Ok ok, you can be a general, what the hell was I thinking.  COL Dolinish.

 I am an evil Leprechaun.  Thewes, Fly, and Coupel, and Boland.

 SPC Adam Turner, PFC Cynthia Schneider, SPC Charles Easto, and SGT Donnie Davis posing

with a generator that Schneider had been working on.

  Kids at Jonahs Tomb in Mosul. Jonahs Tomb is one of the sites that the soldiers fixed up.

  SGT McCowan at Jonahs Tomb in Mosul along with his tour guides.

SSG Richard Whitt and entourage at Jonahs tomb.

  Filling sandbags and covering up their bunker.

The Company Bunker

 Ok, this really sucks, don't they have a machine that can do this?  If we can put a man

on the moon, can't they make a machine that can fill a damn sandbag?

SPC Eduardo Jones and SPC Roderick Ray.

  Ok, it looks like you guys have this under control, I'll be over there in the shade if you need me.

  PFC Cynthia Schneider, SPC Mayfield, SGT Scribner, SPC Sergio Gomez, and PFC Debra Hardy.

Ok, why are you all watching me?  Why aren't you helping?  SSG Graham.

  On a sad note, here is a picture of SSG(P) Barry Stafford. 

Who died from Non-Combat injuries suffered in Iraq.

For those of you who are interested, here is what the end of a convoy looks like, but I imagine

it is probably a lot dustier sometimes.

Union rules, we do get a 1/2hr lunch break.

If it's all the same to you we'll stay here.  It's to hot to go outside.  MSG Douglas

Godfrey and SFC Joe Leist at the company CP in Mosul.

MAJ Thewes, CPT Kurpe, and MAJ Laskodi strategizing prior to their convoy roll out.

A sandstorm during their convoy in to Iraq from Kuwait.

SGT Anthony Scribner.



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