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The Adventures of the HHC, 101st CSG

Page 6



The border between Turkey and Iraq.

  Major General Petreaus commander of the 101st Airborne Division and SPC Sergio Gomez.

  LTC Mullen taking a nap as they waited at the Turkish border for 3 days for the Propane trucks to show up so they could escort them into Iraq.

SPC Daylan Barnard and SPC Sergio Gomez at a police station on the Turkish border in Northern Iraq

Restaurant at the Turkish Iraq boarder.

CPT Carlisle dining with a Kurdish CPT at the border.

CPT Carlisle and General Petraeus Commander of the 101st Airborne Division.

General Petraeus and the Turkish Ambassador.

  A Mosque at the Turkish border.

The sooner I go to sleep, the sooner you'll leave.  SPC Daylan Barnard on the Turkish boarder.

Customs parking lot on the Turkish border.  Preparing to lead a convoy of propane trucks back into Iraq.

Propane convoy.

When I said follow me I meant get out of the truck and follow me, but what ever....

Leading the convoy through the mountains in Northern Iraq.

The end of the line for the convoy.  Propane farm in Mosul.

Once again with the proper training you can sleep anywhere and in any position.  Richards and Fly.

 Gray and Debusschere.

Ray and Jones.

HHC convoy.

The HHC, 101st CSG at their new home in Mosul.

The Division Headquarters for the 101st in Mosul.  One of Saddam's palaces.

SPC Theodore Turner in back of the palace.

Always stop for a photo op.  CPT. Heather Carlisle inside Saddam's Palace in Mosul.

SPC Adam Turner, PFC Cynthia Schneider, and SPC Sergio Gomez.

Turner, Gomez, Bean, Schneider, and Cunningham, enjoying Saddam's hospitality.



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