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The Adventures of the HHC, 101st CSG

Page 8



Memorial Day at Mosul Iraq.  

 Watching a softball game.

  SGT Malcom Bean and Trepaneir playing horse shoes.

 PFC Cynthia Schneider watching the horse shoe game.

  It's all in the wrist.  Gomez and Leist playing horse shoes.

 LTC. Dave Mullen with a group of Kurdish officers in Mosul.

 A dust devil came to visit today and tore down all the camo. netting.

  CPT Kelly Arnold and friend.

  Here are a couple of the dangerous and deadly Iraqi cows that we've all heard about.

  SSG Leonardo Miller in front of the CSG TOC in Mosul.

  SPC Ted Turner and his wife, Mrs. SPC Turner got to see each other for a day.

  CPT Kelly Aronold, Bless,  Holmes, MSG Willie Pleas at the new CSG Tactical Operations Center (TOC)  in Mosul.

  SGT Giddens looking frustrated.

  See it's a goose.  They call it connect the dots for a reason.  MSG Stacey Gray and SSG Tony Moore.

CPT Hill at the TOC.

   See I told you I could make water come out your nose. Jackson, Aronold, and Moore laughing at the TOC.

  SPC Nonya Jones.

Morgan at the communications table.

   Trust me, if we look busy they won't make us go out in the heat.

  Phillips and Lavoie contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

  S6(Communications/Automations) hard at work.

  Smith and Rose.  Again, I wasn't given much to go on with this picture either. 

Three very happy guys, who's names I don't know. 


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