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The Adventures of the HHC, 101st CSG

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  The Stockham pulling into port at Suybayah Kuwait.  The Stockham was carrying the HHC, 101st

CSG's equipment from Ft. Campbell.

  SPC Richard Jaramillo, SPC Adam Turner, SPC Stephen Sanders-Fuller, and

SPC Morse at port in Kuwait picking up off loaded vehicles.

  SSG Angela Hubbard and SGT Christine Corbett loading trucks at Port in Kuwait.

No, I carried this heavy bag over here and this is the truck I'm riding in.  SSG Angela Hubbard.

  I don't care if I smell funny, I'm not riding in back.  Morgan, Walker and Ledet

getting their vehicles ready for the convoy from the Port to Camp New York.

  I wish you would hurry up, and get that tire off.  It's hot out here and this tire is heavy.

  Who going to tell the Captain that we broke what ever this was in the box. Flores, Carr, Tso, and Hardy

  Ok, who was paying attention on the trip over and knows the way back to camp?

  After a great debate and much consideration it was decided that due to his infallible sense of direction

SPC Sergio Gomez would lead the convoy.

Trescott getting ready to leave in the convoy of vehicles from the port to Camp New York.

  The convoy to Camp New York.

  Ruiz at Camp New York.

Fitzsimmons and another CPT who's name I wasn't given who has some nice badges on his uniform.  Sorry I wasn't

given any more information than that. 

  Rest stop, convoy from Camp New York into Iraq.

  SPC John Calip.  During a brief halt on the convoy in to Iraq from Kuwait.

  Sign at an Iraqi Airbase which served as a temporary base.

  All the comforts of home. SGT Debra Stratton, SGT Malcom Bean & SPC Sergio Gomez,

setting up an "Air Assault" latrine at "Palm Springs" Iraq.

  HHC 101st CSG command post, somewhere in Iraq.

  After math of a sand storm, even with the doors and windows zipped shut.

  One of many sand storms in Iraq.

  SGT Richards and friend.  Somewhere in Iraq.

  SGT Robert Storey and Flat Stanley in Iraq.  Stanley was a school project for some kids.

  MAJ. Bill Thewes and Flat Stanley. 

  Can you hear me now?  SGT Kelly Richards and SPC Theodore Turning blowing of steam.

   SPC Charles Easto being beaten up by SPC Sergio Gomez & SPC Hector Flores.



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