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The Adventures of the HHC, 101st CSG

Page 7




Pool side at Saddam's Palace.

Cooling down in the pool, and enjoying Saddam's hospitality.

Hubbard and Hubbard.

Entertaining the neighborhood kids.

SPC Gomez doing PT with some Kurdish troops.

Williams and Nettles in Mosul.

Hardy in Mosul

No, I don't think you get a Purple Heart for this. SGT Ordis McClam and SPC Theodore Turner.

In the background you can see the initial smoke from a building that was burning in the distance.

In this one you should be able to see a little more smoke as well as a crowd that was gathering.

Little explosion.  Nothing to worry about.

 Big explosion.

  Another explosion.

The fire and resulting explosions from the munitions that were stored inside the burning building caused a little excitement.

But not much.

Waiting for the all clear.

Join the Army they said, see the world, travel to exotic places.  Where do I end up, sitting in the middle of the desert leaning against what ever the hell this thing is. 

An unexploded Chinese 107mm rocket that was blown out from the fire.

The maintenance tent at Mosul.

Once again, with the proper training, you can sleep anywhere.

Cruz-Olieveri changing a tire.

Romaine fixing some gauges.

Turner working on a LMTV.



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