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                            The Adventures of the HHC 101st CSG  

                            The following pictures have been sent to my courtesy of my sister CPT Heather Carlisle who is serving

                                       in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division.  She is the company commander of the Headquarters and

                                       Headquarters Company of the 101st Airborne Corps Support Group (HHC 101ST CSG).  They

                                       were deployed to Kuwait on 27 Feb 03 to take part in what has now become Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

                                        I will be adding new pictures as she sends them to me so check back often.  On some of the pictures

                                        if I just have a last name listed then I wasn't given their rank and first name yet and will correct that as

                                        soon as I can.  Sorry if it takes a while to load, but there are a lot of pictures here.

                                     Welcome home CPT Carlisle.  I will keep this page posted as long as the rest of the HHC, CSG is

                             deployed to Iraq.  If anyone has pictures that they would like to have posted here please email

                            them to me and I will post them.                      

                             I have just added pictures from the Change of Command.



  Rail head at FT Campbell.  After a month of hard work all of vehicles were loaded and ready for

 transport to a sea port to be loaded onto transport ships for the trip to Kuwait.

  MAJ James Fly in the hanger at FT Campbell shortly before their flight out.

Boland and Gener the night they flew to Kuwait.

  The Jones family.

I would like a big gun.  Waiting in line to draw their weapons.

  Trying out his modeling look.  Soto, Mitchem, and Cox

  I don't know about you, but I think we got on the wrong plane. SGT Daniel Romaine and

SSG Malachi Simmons during a lay over in Germany during the flight to Kuwait.

  The HHC 101st CSG shortly after arriving at Camp New York Kuwait.

   1LT Elizabeth Coupel,  1LT Erin Barnhart, and  CPT Heather Carlisle. Camp New York Kuwait.

  1LT Barnhart, 1LT Coupel, CPT Carlisle, and CPT. Arnold.  Camp New York.

  SPC Hector Flores, SGT Malcom Bean, and  SPC Charles Easto.  Camp New York Kuwait.

  MSG Godfrey, MSG Willie Pleas, and MAJ Mark Peed.  Camp New York.

  SPC Paredes, SGT Giddens, SSG Tony Moore, SPC Ceballo, MSG Stacey Gray,

SPC Adam Turner at Camp New York Kuwait.

SSG Bradley taking the oath as she "reups".


  Hmmm....maybe I was a bit to hasty in signing those papers.  It's awfully hot here.  SSG Bradley.

  No more chili please.  S6(communications section) MOPP 4(Full Chemical protective gear) during

a chemical alert at Camp New York Kuwait.

  Easto, Carney, Gomez, and Turner.

  Sure, the one day it rains here and we're stuck outside.  SPC Adam Turner and 

SPC John Calip on guard duty in Camp New York.

  This is mine, you shall not pass.  SPC Stephen Carney at Camp New York Kuwait.

  1st Sgt Williams, Camp New York.

  General William Wallace 5th Corps Commander


  A reporter, Gen. William Wallace(5th Corps Commander) MAJ Bill Thewes,

MAJ John Laskodi at Camp New York Kuwiat.

  Not sure what this gathering was, but it looked important.



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